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One thing’s for certain, when the weather turns cold and the outdoor screens flicker off for the last time, more than a few will be sad to see another summer of outdoor cinema come to an end.

If enjoying a good movie under a canopy of stars sounds like a good way to spend a summer evening, you’re in luck.

Many would consider this area lucky to still have a drive-in theater nearby, as so many have been forced to close down.

Oakville, Ontario ; 5 Drive-In Theater

Hamilton, Ontario; Starlight Drive-In Theater

London, Ontario; Mustang Drive-In Theater

The best thing about a drive-in is that you’re not pinned to your seat – it’s not rude to go get a soda in the middle of the movie. Plus I get to pick my own seat and the “prices are right.”

Not bad for a unique evening out.

“You get to go out, the kids can run around instead of trying to keep them quiet and sitting still and the snack bar food is really good and not too pricey,”

“What more can you ask for?”

It feels like you’re stepping back in time.

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