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Drive-in theaters, also known as “ozoners,” “open-air operators,” “fresh-air exhibitors,” “outdoorers,” “ramp houses,” “under-the-stars emporiums,” “rampitoriums,” and “auto havens,” are places where people drove their cars to watch movies on a enormous outdoor screen. The drive-in caught on because it tapped into America’s love for both automobiles and movies; going to the drive-in became a wildly popular pastime from its inauguration in the 1930s through the 1950s.

Although drive-in movies are no longer the mainstream, there has been a modern re-launch; people are still drawn to drive-in movies because they find that the Drive-In Theaters are worth the trip and the time, if only for nostalgic reasons. With indoor movie theaters high ticket costs and outrageous concession stand prices, you will find drive-ins to be a bargain as well as a novelty. So pack up the blanket and head to the great outdoors.

For extra comfort and fun try to pack chairs or a blanket to sit on. You can watch the movie from the inside of your car but often it is more fun to sit outside of the vehicle. It’s great since kids can play outdoors and bring the dog along too let the whole family enjoy a night under the stars ,a  true cinematic experience. Feel…hear….watch….enjoy the simple pleasures that have been carried on since the 1930s …Blast from the past but here to stay…..

5- Drive-In Show Times

Starlight Show Times

Mustang Show Times

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