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One of our happiest childhood memories is going to the drive-in with our parents, dressed in our footed- pyjamas while watching a movie in the back of the wood-paneled station wagon and falling asleep on the drive home. It seemed so epic at the time.  If you’re looking to recreate this experience, take a road trip to the 5 Drive-In Theatre located in Oakville Ontario.

Drive-in movie theaters are usually a fraction of the cost of traditional movie theaters with ten-fold the awesome nostalgia.

It’s a very simple and enjoyable family outing, the type of experience you won’t forget. The good news is that going to the drive-in is easy on the wallet. Admission for children age five and under is free, and you save on tickets and concessions the two biggest expenses when you go to a local theater.

The Magic at the Drive-In is a great way to make memories; the following is why you should visit the drive-in theater soon:

  • Cheap Tickets
  • Double Features
  • Cheap Concessions Family Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Extra Comfy



Insiders Note: Labour Day Long Weekend

The following are Features for that weekend;

Going the Distance, The Last Exorcism, Piranha 3D, The American, The Other Guys, Takers, Switch, and Expendables plus more…..

(Please note that the combination of movies is not final yet or is order of these movies.)

The movies start as soon as darkness falls, but the vehicles line up fast for these popular long weekend, so you might want to arrive a little earlier than usual.

PACK up all your friends and make a night of it. The Weather Network is forecasting 20 – 25 degrees for Saturday night, which is just about perfect.

Our theaters:5 Drive-In , Starlight Drive-In , Mustang Drive-In

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