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I think everyone owes it to themselves to Take the beautiful drive to the 5 Drive-In theatre, easy to find location, once you enter, it’s just like entering the 1960’s, the diner, the great 60’s music playing in the background. Before the movie starts, they show cartoons on the big screen, like Tom and Jerry. What a sweet feeling. I could sit there all night and just watch Tom and Jerry. You can easily fall in love with the ambiance of this drive-in theatre.

However once the movie starts it gets even more pleasurable, just being able to breath fresh air while watching the movie is the best feeling in the world, on top of that the beautiful sky line and the starts behind the screen and the fact you can get up and sit down and do anything you want without worrying about bothering anyone else, completes the whole experience.

How great is that?

Visiting a drive-in has been reduced to a novelty, but at least we have the luxury of that novelty.  If you haven’t seen a drive-in movie lately, you owe it to yourself to revisit this rad American tradition. It’s a fun way to spend a summer night.

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