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After the World War II in 1949 the automobile design finally emerged., Americans saw the introduction of high-compression V8 engines and modern bodies from General Motors’ Oldsmobile and Cadillac brands.

These automobiles were geared towards a generation of youngsters with enough earnings to buy their own cars. These cars became so much more than just modes of transportation. They were indications of a lifestyle. The ability to tune muscle cars gave average Joes the opportunity to show off their power, their speed and their style in a way that personified the car as character. As a result every activity revolved around automobiles.

Cars began to influence the American culture, not only on the streets and in local drive-ins, but in entertainment as well. In movies, the stars were often a combination of character and car. James Dean and his anti-establishment motorbike epitomized the “Rebel Without a Cause”. Even the hit songs of the 60s captured a generation and lifestyle focused on cars and girls.

Ever since, car culture has been a major niche lifestyle in America.

Drive-ins peaked in 1958, numbering 4,063. They proved to be popular attractions for many reasons. Families wanted to have a good memorable time, lovers wanted to get close to each other and watch movies under the stars, (Known as “passion pits”), and some just showed-up for the atmosphere and ambiance, not to leave out a point; it was and still is an inexpensive way of having a good time.

By the 1990s there were few drive-ins left; those that remained were reminders of an American era that revered cars and freedom, with a little low-budget entertainment thrown in.

Now in 2010 the Drive-In is reborn and regaining popularity. Featuring Two movies  back-to-back, along with inexpensive snacking, and having the privacy of watching the movies in your own car-is-a-luxury. Together with great nostalgic moments, no matter how old you are.

Making some time to watch a movie or two at 5 Drive is well worth your time. We are making history again, and this is the time to be part of the history.

Visit the 5Drive-In for show times.

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