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As the first snow flake hits the ground the first sign of winter enters our minds, cozy warm fires, cuddling around and storytelling , but all the great stories are told on the silver screens in the great outdoors, and it will come to halt till the first blossom , the first sign of spring again.

Passion Pits

Drive-in movie theaters, called “Passion-Pits” by the watchful moral guardians of 1950s America,  perhaps because at the Drive-In  local theatres provided the kind of living-room atmosphere sought by romantic couples. winter nights at the drive-in, however, has had a successful run since it opened, and many showings are sold out early. Either romance is in the air, or the unforgiving winter has enhanced the lure of leather seats in which you can hunker down.

As winter 2010 shows no sign of loosening its icy grip, Canadians have warmed to “Auto-Kino!” Ditching their downloaded films on PCs and I-Pods for a while, they have reverted to watching cinema in an intimate, companionable setting. Safe in their VW station wagon, they don’t have to worry about a sibilant “Shhh!” from the back row if they make a remark or rustle a bag of chips.

Oh yes they will be missed days of summer movies, and the crystal clear summer sky…but hey ….not forever….seasons change and we do need a break of the usual oudoor pastimes …but again The drive in theater will sit desolate in the wind but yet waiting for the crouds to arrive in anticipation for the best summer Blockbuster to shine on the screen again.

5 Drive-In Theatre Oakville:

Please note the Drive-in will be closed Dec 24th and Dec 25th and re-open December 26th Boxing Day to Dec 3oth. So the (Drive in will be open December 26th to December 30th) Weather permitting, check the website for further information as we approach the end of December. When the Drive does close, we will re-open March 4th 2011.


5 Drive-In Theatre


Here is a vintage commercial for you to enjoy:

This is definitely the best looking Santa 🙂

Merry Christmas!


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