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Use of Narrative in Film
Narrative in early film history; Features of narrative/antinarrative; Film genres
The Camera and Film Structure 
The concept of structure; Structure and the camera; Camera position, angle, lens and movement
Components of cinematography; Essentials of lighting
Production Design and Performance Style 
From art director to production designer; Basic tools of production design; Types of performance style
The nature of editing; Principles of continuity editing; Alternatives to continuity editing
Sound Design 
Elements of sound design; The codes of sound design; Types of sound
Modes of Screen Reality 
Basic Modes of Screen Reality
Global dominance of Hollywood; International influence of Hollywood style
International Cinema 
International auteur cinema; Neorealist cinema; New Wave cinema; Hong Kong cinema
Film Criticism and Interpretation 
Criticism exists; Modes of criticism; Creating criticism; Film interpretation, latent meaning, attributional errors
Models of Film Theory 
Realist model; Auteurist model; Psychoanalytic model; Ideological model; Feminist model; Cognitive model

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