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Paul is the alien’s Earth name. Comic-actor Seth Rogen supplies his voice while Paul’s convincing body is the product of computer animation, motion-capture and an animatronic figure that existed in real time and space.

Enhancing the movie’s comedy firepower, the supporting cast includes two of the brighter lights in the current Saturday Night Live cast. Kristen Wiig plays Ruth Buggs, the second of Clive and Graeme’s unexpected new friends in the American West. Wiig gives another of her funny screen performances as Ruth, a long repressed character suddenly free to go for the gusto. Bill Hader is a natural for his intense-bastard character, Agent Haggard.

Paul, most of all, is a fun ride through the comic twilight zone. It has affecting moments, too. Most of us probably want any friendly, harmless, helpful, amusing extraterrestrials we happen to meet to get home safely.

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