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Cars 2 was last week’s number one movie and this week sits at number 2 right after Transformers 3.

A sequel with a lot of horse power under the hood, A really fun movie with a lot going on in it.  Exceptionally colorful and bright animation mingles with a multi-layered storyline.

“Cars 2” teaches gentle kid-friendly lessons about the importance of friendship and being yourself and introduces some great new characters in its parallel spy drama and auto racing plots.

And as in the first “Cars,” “Cars 2″ is jammed with homages to vintage motoring — from Mini Coopers to Fiats, a Rolls Royce to a NASCAR Monte Carlo. This is a cartoon for the “Top Gear” dad to drag the kids to. But unlike the first “Cars,” the kids won’t mind this time. This Pixar product is better than the toys they sell along with it.

Yes, “Cars 2″ is better than “Cars.”

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