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We have recently received this wonderful e-mail and wanted to share it with all of you! 🙂

Hello 5 Drive-In!!!

I wanted to mail you and let you know how much me and my family love going to the drive in!


Movies have always been a big part of me and my husbands lives, we love them and like current and when we found out we were going to have an addition to the family, we were determined to not end up like those people who don’t see a non-animated movie until their kids are 5.  We also didn’t want to leave Gabe with a babysitter either, we wanted him to be part of the experience, and your drive-in has made it possible.We go to the drive in twice a week and we love it, it’s an awesome place for families with new babies!  


The Oakville location is 10 minutes away so on Friday’s all of us go!  We get there nice and early, play in the amazing kids area, have a delicious dinner of burgers, fries and all those other great things and then before each movie starts, we get in the other goodies, chocolate, nachos and whatever else catches our eyes at the snack bar!  Baby Gabe loves being outdoors and he even enjoys watching some of the movies!  Baby gets tired?  He just goes to sleep.  If he cries, we close the windows and make him happy.  If he’s hungry he feeds and if he needs a change, we turn our hatchback into a baby changing station and he gets changed before every movie!  I love it, it’s the only way to go!  And you never miss any of the movie!  


On Tuesdays’ it is baby and mommy date night!  Daddy works 6 days a week and helps out so much with Gabe that we give him that day to fall asleep at 7pm or just relax.  The drive-in is so easy even for me to take my now 6 month old Gabe all on my own. I just recline the passengers seat all the way and he chills out beside me.  And instead of trying to carry my big guy to the snack bar, we wait until the snack trolly drives around, pick up some snacks and a drink and don’t even need to walk further than a foot away from the car.  And the best thing is that you control the volume of the movie so that it’s always at the right setting for both me and baby!


So for being such a great place, always making us feel welcome and being so affordable as well, I want to say thank you!!!!  I only wish that you were open 365 days a year!  That’s why cars have heaters and what’s a little snow to a Canadian ey?


Francisca, Tom and Baby Gabe


I have included a picture of Gabe on the swings in the drive in play area!  It was his first time ever on swings and he loved it!  
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