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Outdoor movies are truly a unique summer experience for people of all ages. Being at an open-air cinema event is a fun, unique way to enjoy your favorite movies under the stars! Viewers get all the things we love about going to the movies – popcorn, a great flick, hanging out with friends – plus the enjoyment of sitting in the great outdoors on a summer night.

The whole concept of FreshAirCinema is to create an interesting and interactive community-based activity that will get people out of their homes to spend time with family and friends. The sheer size and uniqueness of the outdoor movie (open air cinema) concept draws people to thier community, and gives residents a sense of pride as one of the coolest towns in Canada to feature  open air cinema style/ drive-in theatre.

Drive-in Theatre  gives people yet another reason to come outside, to spend time outdoors enjoying the beautiful summer weather we have in Canada, and to view a movie in a unique setting, to watch movies under the stars in your community.

What do you think of a Floating out-door theatre?

Yes it exists in China 🙂  here are the pictures:








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