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Hello Friends,

I am sure most of you  heard about the surprise proposal a few weeks ago at the 5 Drive-In, Oakville. [If you did miss it click here]

A very thoughtful and beautiful moment for the young couple and our patrons at 5 Drive-In that night.

Quoting the Groom:

The story: My girlfriend and I had been going out for 5 years. Our first date was at the 5 drive-in so I decided to propose to her in the same place we had our date 5 years ago.

The setup: The night of the proposal my girlfriend thought I would be away on business. I built the proposal into a, “fake” movie trailer. I had the 5 drive in play this trailer on the big screen before the movie, “The 5 year engagement”. My unsuspecting girlfriend was in the car with some friends who were also in it. What you are about to watch contains the trailer she saw on the screen on along with her reaction to it.

Follow-up Video: [Warning: This video might bring joyful tears to your eyes]


Just Beautiful, Hope you all enjoyed this video.

5 Drive-in Oakville has been around for 50 years now, and has been serving generation after generation. We love our patrons!! What else can we do but to work even harder and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all of our 5 Drive-In Friends.

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