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Due to popular demand a decision was made and now all the drive-in theatre locations (5 Drive-In, Mustang Drive-In, Starlite Drive-In, Sunset Drive-In) are equipped with air conditioning.

5 Drive-In Theatre, Oakville, is the one and only Drive-In in Canada with air conditioning at the concession stand. Stay cool while you are grabbing your snacks for the evening.



July 17, 1902: An Invention to Beat the Heat, Humidity 

The first system was designed in 1902 by inventor Willis Carrier (the Edison of air-conditioning) as a solution to keep muggy air in a printing plant from wrinkling magazine pages. He successfully used coils to both cool and remove moisture from the air, and would eventually establish the first mass manufacturing plant for air conditioners. While the first home unit, proportional in size to early computers, was installed in 1914, air conditioners remained too bulky, noisy and full of chemicals to become widespread for several more decades.

Advances in technology eventually yielded the more convenient window air conditioner in the late 1930s, though it remained out of reach for most. The general public — those not privy to the few luxurious hotels and cars that used cooling systems early on — often first encountered air-conditioning in movie theaters, which started to widely use the technology in the 1930s. Before the window unit’s heyday, Carrier produced a system for theaters that cost between $10,000 and $50,000. It was one of the few things proprietors sprung for during the Great Depression, and theaters were one of the rare places where the hoi polloi could enjoy chilly, artificial air

Everything has changed with the times today and most commercial establishments are running ice cold ac for the comfort of their clients

We at Premier Theaters are proud to say that we are the only DRIVE IN THEATER chain in Canada that has just installed AIR CONDITIONING in all our snack bars!!

Times have change for sure….. DIGITAL PROJECTORS …from traditional film reels….Air conditioned Snack bars …Well what is next …… The imaginable …The owners of the chain have always loved Drive in theaters and for over 65 years in the business the only thing they do best is bring you the greatest movies along with the greatest experience, but the most important things here is to make the drive-in experience memorable and enjoyable for all patrons.

Enjoy Movies Under the Sky at any of our location:

5 Drive-InMustang Drive-InStarlite Drive-InSunset Drive-In

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