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Dogs are welcome

Premier Theatres is proud to announce the fact that all of our drive-in theatre locations are now equipped with a dog park.

Your dogs are welcome at:

5 Drive-In Theatre, Oakville

Mustang Drive-In Theatre, London

Starlite Drive-In Theatre, Hamilton

Sunset Drive-In Theatre, Barrie

This is the perfect time to write about taking your loyal dog to the movies, seeing as the perfect venture.  It’s a great way to go out and have fun with the entire family without having to worry about leaving your dog alone at home for an extended amount of time.

Dogs are welcome at all PREMIER DRIVE IN THEATERS, and ever since 2010 we have build  small dog parks with plenty supplies of Snacks and Water for your special K9 friend.

Many visitors like to bring their pets and to play with them outside before the show. There is also a children’s playgrounds to entertain the kids !

All the theatre asks is that that you keep your dog on leash. Also, dogs are not permitted in the snack bar area.

Arriving about 30 minutes before the scheduled screening is a good idea — not only will you snag a better parking spot, it’ll also give you time to go for a little walk so your dog doesn’t start whining to be let out right as the can’t-miss parts come on screen. There’s plenty of room to roam (and if emergency hits they you can take rover to our special dog parks located  on the grounds of the theatres).

So next time you are thinking of a movie take Rover  to the Drive-In Theatre. Trust us Rover will thank you in many ways 🙂

This is one of our favourite intermission commercials for the concession stand, brings back some good old memories, and great laughs :


Let your dog enjoy their time too:


See you at the Drive-in :


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