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We are very pleased to announce our first time ever Midnight Screening at the 5 Drive-In Theatre, Oakville. This is for all you BATMAN FANS ALL YOU NIGHT OWLS…. The moment you have been waiting is here!! Experience the Midnight Sky at the 5,  and enjoy a special early screening of the The Dark Knight Rises!!

The Dark Night will Rise early at 5 Drive-in, on Thursday July 19th after the last movie is over at 12:45 the theatre will be emptied out, and the early screening of A true lasting legacy in superhero story telling and summer-blockbusters, Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his epic Batman trilogy, opens at screen #2 at 1 A.M. (Admission price $11)

This is your chance to watch this well anticipated motion picture with us before the nation wide opening date, this means if you are at the 5 on the 19th you’ll be driving out of the theatre, not only seeing what is sure to be one of the biggest super-hero movies in cinematic history, but you’ll privilege to watch it before others do.

Don’t miss the 5 Drive-In Midnight Premier Show! The Dark Knight Rises hits the big digital screen at the 5 Drive-In Oakville, at 1:01 am on the evening of Thursday, July 19th into Friday, July 20th.

Batman: [to The Joker] You wanted me, here I am.

This is going to be the best midnight premiere you’ve ever been to! There is nothing like Batman at 5 drive-in theatre, specially with our new amazing digital screens!

See You At the 5 Drive-In Theatre!

Movies are always bigger and better under the stars!

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