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Join us for our first time ever Late Night Screening at the 5 Drive-In Theatre, Oakville. This is for all you BATMAN fans all you NIGHT OWLS. The moment you have been waiting is finally here!! Experience the Midnight Sky at the 5,  and enjoy a special early screening of the The Dark Knight Rises!!  This is going to be the best midnight premier you’ve ever been to!

The Dark Night will Rise early at 5 Drive-in theatre, on Thursday July 19th after the last movie is over at 12:45 the theatre will be emptied out, and the early screening of A true lasting legacy in superhero story telling and summer-blockbusters, Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his epic Batman trilogy, opens at screen #2 at 1 A.M. (Admission price $11)

This is your chance to watch this well anticipated motion picture with us before the nation wide opening date, this means if you are at the 5 on the 19th you’ll be driving out of the theatre, not only seeing what is sure to be one of the biggest super-hero movies in cinematic history, but you’ll have the privilege to watch it before others do.

What will be the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series? Is this truly the end for Christoper Nolan’s Bat-verse?  The sequel to 2005’s Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight finds Batman, Gordon, and Harvey Dent launching an assault on the mob when they let the clown out of the box, the Joker, bent on turning Gotham on itself and bringing any heroes down to his level.

“This city needs me.” – Batman, The Dark Knight Rises

Are you waiting for the conclusion? What will happen after the fall of Harvey Dent “The White Knight”? Are justice will be remain the same?Yup, the episode will be running and it will be the last epic Batman movie that written by Christopher Nolan.

Don’t miss the 5 Drive-In Midnight Premier Show! The Dark Knight Rises hits the big digital screen at the 5 Drive-In Oakville, at 1:01 am on the evening of Thursday, July 19th into Friday, July 20th.

The Dark Knight Rises : The Legend Ends

Batman: [to The Joker] You wanted me, here I am.

There is nothing quite like a midnight premiere of a movie. From the super fans that have been camping out for days, to the people who just want to be a part of the fun, there is a certain energy that is hard to explain. With the final installment of Batman coming out, it is sure to be another memorable night. 

Movies are always bigger and better under the stars!

The [Dark Night Rises] duly rises for the bruising final stanza in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, a satisfying saga of revolution and redemption that ends the tale on a note of thunder,” said the Guardian‘s Xan Brooks.


5 Has More Good News For You!


On Saturday July 20th, Batman and the Batmobile are coming to the 5 Drive-in. Look for the search lights with a BATMAN sign in the Sky and Follow Batman to 5 Drive-in theatre!

The Batman’s awesome search light will be at 5 Drive-in, Friday and Saturday.

Join us for Batman-themed night at 5 drive-in, Oakville.

It’s not quite as iconic as Adam West’s Batmobile, but the vehicle coming to 5  is still impressive. You can see it in person the evening of July 20 & 21 at 5 Drive-in Oakville.

The Batmobile History Documentary



The 5 Drive-In  Theatre

Location:  2332 Ninth Line, Oakville, ON Canada

How Do I Get Here?

From West:
Take Dundas St. East to 9th Line and make a right on to 9th Line. Head down until you see the sign on the left.

From East:
Take the QEW to Ford Drive. Make a right turn onto Ford Drive. Ford Drive will become 9th line. Take 9th Line until you see the sign on your right.

From North:
Take the 403 south and exit at Dundas. Turn right Dundas and go to 9th Line. Turn left on 9th Line and head down until you see the 5 Drive-In on your left.

From South:
Take the QEW East and exit at Ford Dr.. Make a left on to 9th Line. Take 9th Line until you see the sign on your right.

See You At the 5 Drive-In Theatre!

Movies are always bigger and better under the stars!

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