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America has long had a love affair with the automobile. Cars are the ultimate expression of form, function, fashion—and speed.

But most of all the car represents freedom.

Try and remember when you were a teenager yearning for your driver’s license so you could hop into daddy’s car and go, go, go. It didn’t matter where, you just wanted to burn rubber and escape into the far horizon.

The brilliant, exhilirating and touching American Graffiti  1973, is the ultimate expression of American car culture. Almost every single scene takes place in a car.

Los Angeles was the first America city built to accomodate the automobile. And the movie stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, most born dirt-poor, expressed delight in their sudden prosperity and fame by purchasing and posing with their dream machines.


The world might tell you that Modern Hollyood stars are “just like us.” But, in reality, they aren’t. We find they tend to drive better cars — much better cars, ranging from the absurd to the eco-conscious to the practical-chic. But this is nothing new. The love affair between celebs and tasty automobiles is well-documented. And while piloting a million-dollar-plus Ferrari Enzo around town to pick up, say, an iced caffè mocha at the local Starbucks might seem like overkill to you, it’s normal to these luminaries. Here we highlight 10 coveted, cutting-edge or just plain weird rides and the celebs who own them.

Ashton Kutcher

Jay Leno


Katty Perry Smart Car

Kim Kardashian with her Ferrari 430

Lana Del Rey drives a classic golden SL Mercedes

Leonardo Dicaprio with his eco-friendly Fisker Carma

Paris Hilton loves her Ferrari California

Paris Hilton’s Bentley

Taylor Swift’s pink Chevy Silverado

It’s a custom-made Delorean for Will.I.Am



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