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The Magic of Drive-in Movies [Stars of Hollywood]

As an extra piece of evidence for this analogy between sky and screen, consider what may not be a coincidence of nomenclature – the use of the word ‘star’ in both connections. There are the stars of the blackened night sky, arrayed and twinkling, aloof, distant, not shrinking from our awestruck gaze – the celebrities of the heavens; and there are those effects of light in human form, flitting across the capacious screen, remote yet intimate, shining, perfect – the film stars that equally populate our imagination. I venture to suggest that the use of the word ‘star’ in application to film actors derives from its use to name the denizens of the night sky, and not vice versa. Then whoever it was who first employed that astronomical term in application to human beings must have been thinking of the stars of the sky, and hence analogizing sky and screen.”
The power of cinema, be it a Hollywood blockbuster or an art-house short, is overwhelming. Spend 90 minutes in the dark with what a director and his crew may have taken months to put together, pouring all their talent and energy into what you see up on the screen, and you will be hooked. So much so that a new breed of addict is emerging – the movieholic.
THE MAGIC OF FILM  a  ……. celebration of a medium that can captivate audiences, take them on an emotional rollercoaster, transport them from the dullness of their everyday lives and take them on a magical journey, albeit just for a couple of hours.

AFI’s 100 Years 100 Thrills – Opening Montage

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