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Don’t you just love the drive-in? The smell of popcorn, fresh cut grass, and cheesy fries. Running around playing football or Frisbee with perfect strangers. Laughter drifting around on a cool breeze while you lay on a blanket watching the stars peeking out of a pink and orange tinted sky. The magical feeling of being surrounded by people; yet being in your own little world munching on a candy.  Its where I love to pass my time. I am sure I’m not alone and most of you feel the same way about the drive-in movie.

We are so lucky to have patrons such as yourself, the true drive-in movie goers! It’s a culture, a local tradition, it’s a feeling, an experience that cannot be described! The drive-in experience is unlike any other theatre experience you’re going to get. You can talk amongst yourselves, it doesn’t matter because you’re not going to disturb the person beside you. You’re outside, yet you’re watching a giant movie screen. It’s a really neat experience to be outside and not confined within a tight space.  Every night there is a double feature. New movies, of course, are on the big digital screens!! Meaning two movies for the price of one. During long weekends, the drive in has a triple feature & dusk till dawns. Tuesdays are groovy cheap nights cost just $5 per person. On Thursdays, carloads can enter for $15.


Here are a few words from our amazing patrons from each drive-in theatre:

Starlite Hamilton Drive-In:


Brandon Neal Burke said: Love love love the Starlite I go as often as I can afford and we enjoy it every time we go even more it just keeps getting better and better!
Debi Hunt said:  Have been going to the drive in since I was a kid, still love the intro old fashioned commercials!!
Mike Joncas said: Great drive in, been going 30 years!
Gloria Clark said:
Excited!! Going to be attending Thursday $15 Car load event for my birthday!!! Can’t wait to see ICE AGE 4!!! I know I am a little older ( ahmmm 53) but I LOVE the ICE AGE Series!!! Thanks Starlite for having such a great movie selection!! 🙂
Dan Mel MacLean said:
Went to the drive in on Saturday for your 3 movie special. Ended up bringing some guests and had a great time. Can’t wait for a dusk till dawn. My kids love the experience more than going to a zoo lol!!!
Michelle Tovey said:
Xandros Bradonja Todorovsky said:
Had a great night! The digital screens looked great and audio was perfect.
Debbie L Curto said:
Best economy still around for a family night out .. love the Drive -in ..

Mustang Drive-In, London:

Jake Kroes said:
This place will always hold precious memories when I was a kid, I deffinatly recommend this so new families can enjoy this wonderful expierences.
Tami Showers said:
Love going with the kids-its truly perfect for movie night!
Megan Hickman said:
We ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ the Mustang Drive in! It’s so close to our house and it’s such a great value for the money! The concession food is amazing too! We make it out there as much as we can as we are avid movie goers! I love the new sound at the Mustang too- digital makes a HUGE difference! Nothing is better then a night under the stars with loves ones!
Joanna Fick said:
Having family movie night with kids are on sugar highs from all the candy .. and going out in our pj’s !!!!!
Pearson Sean said:
Well I went to the drive in likely for the first time in about 10 years and really noticed the differance in movies being digital, my wife and I had a great time and for the cost one can not go wrong, even if we had gone on a reg night the cost still would have been worth it Thanks for the nice clean and fun time.
Shannon Saker said:
Mustang is awesome. The hot dog and walking to the concession stand is the best part!

5 Drive-In Oakville:

Jack McCann said:
Thanks for a great season so far FIVE! Its gonna be a sick summer with a great movie lineup!
chilling in the truck, watching footloose waiting for our shows to start!!!! Cheers all!
Angela Shintani-Sandrowicz said:
Had a great time at the drive-in last night! Yay for parents who can go see a movie while their child is sleeping in the back!
David Andrew Smith said:
Awesome Dusk til Dawn! Couldn’t have asked for better movies 😀
Sandra Martins said:
Can’t wait to be going 2 the 5 Drive-in Theatres this weekend with some friends, goodtimes all the time under the stars.
Eric William Tucker said:
I love the 5 drive in. It’s closest to where I live but I also love the History behind all the drive ins in Ontario. Premier awesome!  Your drive-ins have always been good to me and gotten me more action throughout the years than the action I was watching on the screen : )
Guy Christopher Creasy said:
My wife and I go to the drive in religiously every weekend! the concession even knows our order when we go in!!
Shawn Whalen said:
Just saw you guys on Global news at 11! Really really happy you have gone digital and will survive!!!!!
Deejay Maltease said:

Sunset Barrie Drive-In:

LoRa Oz said:
I love the drive in and was so happy to find out about your location. We have been several times this summer (sometimes twice in a week) and we are not done yet. There is something for everyone. Your staff is always pleasant and they put up with a lot. Thank you Sunset Barrie I will continue to tell all my friends.
Billie-Lyn Devine said:
I love your drive in, me and my husband and our dogs come often, prices are great, food is excellent, the value rocks… and the customer service is good…… thanks so much Sunset for making the end of my summer season a good one!!
Chris Young said:
Can’t wait for Labour day long weekend at Sunset Barrie, I am going to the 4 movie Sunday, and staying for all 4 movies!! wooohooo!!
Erin Kennedy said:
We are long time drive-in fanatics. We visit so much every summer it’s easier to keep the frequency for each screen preprogrammed in the radio. Love the changes. Keep up the good work!
Jay Robson said:
You guys are amazing! Please never let the drive in die!!!
Holly Elizabeth Schwartzentruber-Nielsen said:
Some of my best memories from being a kid was going to the drive in with my Mom and Dad … so glad that the Sunset Drive In is still up and running … making great memories with my husband and friends

Our Patrons are kind enough to share their moments with us through pictures here are a few of our favourites 🙂




A big Thank you to all our patrons, from the Premier Team!

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Sunset Barrie Drive-In:

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