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The Drive-in theatre is so precious! It’s place you go to make memories that will last a lifetime! When was the last time you had a night to spoil yourself, to take a break from the demands of everyday life? Whether it is a night out with the girls prowling on the town, or for the quieter and less-outrageous types, a nice date night at the movies?

Personally speaking the Best times of my life were at the drive in.

People live busy lives and sometimes they get so consumed with the ins and outs of daily chores and errands that they forget to take a step back and regenerate with some good ol’ fashion theatre entertainment.

Popcorn, chocolate, drinks and a big screen to watch a great film… what could be better? That is generally the highlight of the night but then you also have to remember not-so-great things about going to the cinema like the annoying busybodies who constantly feel the need to talk louder than a whisper, or the food fighters who throw popcorn and skittles for the mere enjoyment of wasting food.

The only noise that should be heard at the cinema is the voice of the handsome actor playing hero for the blonde damsel in distress – not the unnecessary conversation of how she “wore those shoes with that pair of jeans, like OMG”

… But!

Believe it or not, there is a better and cheaper alternative to the not-so-great cinema experience, the Drive-In; a place where entertainment meets comfort, a place to enjoy the cinematic experience under the stars.


No more fussing about what to wear or how you look, you can dress up as much as you want, or even just wear slippers! Can’t find a babysitter? No worries! Bring the kids along. All the hassles and negatives about going to the cinema disappear when you go to the Drive-in.

It is so important to treat yourself after a long busy day! Go to a drive-in movie and enjoy movies under the stars!

Check out the website for each drive-in to get the showtimes and the movie line-up:

5 Drive-In Theatre, Oakville

Starlite Drive-In, Hamilton

Mustang Drive-In, London

Sunset Barrie Drive-In

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