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revisiting popular movie scenes through photography by christopher moloney

A scene from ‘breakfast at tiffany’s’, 1961 revisted by christopher moloney as part of his project ‘FILMography’

FILMography’ (FILM + photography) is an ongoing project by New York-based journalist christopher moloney where he locates scenes of popular movies and captures a composite image of a specific moment in front of the present-day location it was originally shot at. stills from the movie are placed directly in front of the real-world location, carefully matching the angle and perspective. moloney came up with the idea on his regular commute to work that took him through central park in New York where he often recognized a number of landmarks and locations where the famous flicks had been filmed.

’25th hour’ (2002)

‘uptown girls’ (2003)

‘fame’ (1980)

‘american psycho’ (2000)

‘fame’ (1980)

‘superman’ (1978)

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