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Detroit — In the 50 years since the Ridler award has been given out to the best hot rod at Autorama, it’s been decades since a truck has taken the top prize. That could change this year.


But there’s more to look at than the insanely kept customs at the Autorama. This year the show celebrated the BATMAN FRANCHISE  That includes the most-recent Tumbler, the original TV show car and our favorite, the 1989 classic from Tim Burton’s movies.


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The Autorama is a show for enthusiasts of every budget. A boy and his dad could show up with a rusty bicycle they found and fixed up in a year, or with something insanely expensive and radical that took a decade to complete


While the former is a barometer of the world industry and what’s to come, the latter measures car enthusiasm about what has been. This year we’re proud to report that the state of the auto enthusiast, as judged by the 61st Detroit Autorama, is strong.


It’s more than a hobby. Those people have to be obsessed. Every nut, bolt and screw is chromed… You know if somebody’s won that, they’ve done their ultimate job… It’s not just a little car that you shine up. It’s almost beyond comprehension. I didn’t see any ugly ones. None I wouldn’t drive home in.”


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The Kid Rock Collection featured three cars and two motorcycles. The collection was featured in this 2013 Autorama.

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