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Back in the old days and I mean the old days, I used my family’s 1959 Volkswagen Microbus to take my buddies to the drive-in theatre. The theatre had a one price policy. It was the same price for each vehicle. We could get about eight of us in the bus. Of course, no one really watched the movie. It was just a high school party area with kids going from vehicle to vehicle. Back in the late 50’s there were 4,000 drive in theaters. Today there are only 394. USA Today last week had an article stating that drive in movies are starting to make a comeback. In Michigan, Danny Boy’s will open this month. The owner said that his research shows 90,000 Michigan people search Google looking for a drive in movie each month. Another new one opened two weeks ago in Austin and in addition to accommodating 50 cars, the facility can also have 100 walk-in customers. Land prices, according to one owner in Tulsa who just reopened an old drive in, was the chief cause of the closing of the theatres. I guess the immediate answer is to save your old ties, they will come back into style. I just wish we would have kept that old microbus.


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