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Why do the Jetsons remain the high bar of futurist thinking when it comes to the places we live in? 


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O, the future. Where we get to live under power lines and mainline all the juice we need.
Complete with electric mood control.

A glimpse of carefree futuristic living inside a plastic-walled floating cruciform structure with picture phones, height-adjustable sinks, dishes washed by ultrasonic waves, and atomic food preservation.

“The future isn’t what it used to be:

My observation to point out that our culture has become increasingly backward looking.

This isn’t the fault of our past innovators or  engineers…..; it is the fault of our…

Even if the  Vision of the City of the Future from the 1950s Is Not That Far Off From the Reality of the Present….. without the flying objects……and  the endless possibilities…..

We seem to have entered a deeply unimaginative era. SOON TO CHANGE  hopefully ……..



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