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Victoria Day is just around the corner and with that comes a much anticipated long weekend

This year, Victoria Day falls on May 20, despite being part of the May “two-four” weekend, the nickname Canadians have given the weekend, thanks to the sheer number cases of beer consumed during the weekend.

But there’s more to Victoria Day long weekend than warm weather and copious amounts of alcohol. Tradition links the May “two-four” weekend to Queen Victoria’s birthday and what better way to celebrate someone’s birthday than watch 3 to 4 movies on the big screens of the drive-in theater and enjoy the sky night under the stars, sounds great doesn’t it?

Premire Theatres has a special treat for this long weekend:

This long weekend only May 17th to May 20th you get to enjoy 3 movies. AND on SUNDAY ONLY (May 19) we will be adding is 4th feature. This is our famous Dusk till Dawn 4 feature night.

Take advantage of this great weather and get to the drive-in for a fun and warm summer night out. Movies are always bigger and better under the stars.

To view your local Drive-in show times please click on the icons to view the movie line ups.


We hope everyone has a happy and safe Victoria Day long weekend! What better way to celebrate Victoria Day than to visit the Drive-In Theatre?

Just to round up:

Friday and Saturday our screen will host 3 movies and on Sunday our screens will be hosting 4 features. Regular double features return on Monday May 20th.

See you at the Drive-In; a place where entertainment meets comfort, a place to enjoy the cinematic experience under the stars.







Visit us online, plan a head and arrive early for a great night at the drive-in theatre.

5 Drive-In Theatre, Oakville

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