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Our first first memory of knowing what a drive-in theater even was came when we all saw Grease in the drive in theater theater with our parents. While admitting to that probably easily dates we it is the impetus to our thinking drive ins were cool. For that matter we thought the same about hot pants and big hair but that’s a topic for another article or perhaps therapy session. When we saw Danny and Sandy at the drive in we thought that was how teenage kids dated – especially the ultra cool ones which we imagined we would be at some point. (That didn’t quite work out, either) It would be, however, a few more years before we were able to make our image of a drive in theater a reality. But when we did we were all hooked.

It surprises us how few people know about the 5 drive in theater, the Starlite Hamilton or the Barrie sunset drive in theater and last but not least the Mustang drive in theater London with the biggest facebook following in the nation…. and to say how many people have never even been to a drive in theater anywhere. It is no wonder so many are closed now.

The Premier Drive in Chain of theaters have character. You tune your radio into the channel for the movie and relax in your vehicle or lawn chair. You can put your feet up, dress casually and let the kids conk out in the back. During intermission the kids can play at the playground and you can make some new friends with those parked near you.
The double feature is a great family time for us. Often the Premier drive in chain strives to bring you a a family friendly movie as the first feature followed by a movie more in line for the older people. This is a great way to enjoy a movie inexpensively and then let the kids fall asleep while you watch the second showing. You can grab snacks or a full dinner at the fully serviced counters . It still surprises us that such an inexpensive and entertaining family night out is more popular than ever. But apparently the best kept secret is out and we all are to enjoy a summer of movies and family fun under the stars.


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Jump in your car come as you are …….. we are expecting you.

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