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Canada Week: Happy birthday to us!

Canada turns 146 on Monday and there are plenty of ways to celebrate over the weekend at the Drive-In Theatre.

Cotton Candy

Just a quick post for 5 Drive-In Oakville & Starlite Hamilton Drive-in Theatre.,’ Maple  Promotion’ this promotion is on only for Canada Week.

In celebration of Canada’s birthday we are having a MAPLE COTTON CANDY sale at 5 Drive-In and Starlite Drive-In, while supplies last.


The best part of the cotton candy is the fluffy texture of it, and we are having a maple cotton candy that is most definitely delicious, what better way to celebrate Canada Week Eh?

Guess who is gonna' be making maple cotton candy? Yes, maple! Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart! 5 parts extra fine white sugar with 1 part maple sugar for the mix---depending on the humidity, you may be able to cut back on the white sugar.

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This Maple Cotton Candy Promotion is only for Starlite Hamilton Drive-In, & 5 Drive-In Theatre Oakville.


Have fun at the Drive-In Theatre. Movies are always better under the stars!

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