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Cadillac, our heritage reminds us of who we were, it illuminates who we are, and it calls us to become what we might ber. Our remarkable heritage is a chronicle of expressive ingenuity, a history of bold, break through design and cutting-edge product innovation, and it gives us great inspiration as we move forward.

Even as Cadillac designers envision the future with new products such as the XLR and SRX, they embrace the underlying spirit that has guided Cadillac’s notable achievements: a commitment to apply the superior designs and sophisticated technologies to the automobile. This marriage of design and innovation is at the core of Cadillac’s product portfolio.

Cadillac, unlike many automakers from the industry’s early days, has survived more than 100 years of ups and downs, including recessions and the Great Depression, wars, gasoline rations, and much more. Along the way, the Cadillac has become an icon and has inspired its own culture, including hundreds of car clubs, highly decorated art cars and creative retrofits. Even vintage Cadillac hearses were once graced with elaborately and beautifully carved Gothic wooden side panels, transforming them into decidedly unconventional works of art. More than any other automotive brand, Cadillac has attained the status of popular culture icon. Cadillacs have appeared in music, movies, television and fine art, often used as the quintessential representation of luxury and success in achieving the American Dream.

Cadillac has played a defining role in our culture. Throughout our history, Cadillac has been the standard of excellence. In the post-war years, it took on additional meaning as a symbol of American pre-eminence. Cadillac changed and shaped the entire automobile industry, and its influence continues to be felt today throughout our popular culture.

Long considered the standard of the world, it’s no secret that Cadillac has encountered some stiff competition over the last few decades. Cadillac has always and continues to rise to the challenge and is currently building renewed marketplace momentum. The XLR, SRX, CTS, Escalade, EXT, ESV, DeVille and Seville are world-class vehicles that can compete with the strongest, most powerful contenders. Cadillac’s new lineup of luxury vehicles offers precise handling, active safety features, OnStar, XM, infotainment options and innovative solutions in bold, breathtaking styling packages.

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