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The drive in was almost extinct in North America. Profits were down and interest was low. The Drive ins where not top of mind nor cool enough and had fallen to the wayside. In today’s fast pace society full of instant information, big screens, internet streaming and home theatres , the Drive in slowly faded into the background.

The largest Drive-In theatre company in Canada, Premier Operating Systems, noticed this trend but believed that there was still a passion out there for the drive in. The questions was how to reignite this passion and get in front of the consumer again.

Working closely with Superscope Media’s innovation experts , Premier Drive-in Theaters consulted with Superscope Media and through innovation and forward thinking was able to  revive North America’s passion and fascination with the drive in Theater. The proper mix of brand and technological innovation was able to bring this  bygone relic back into the spotlight  and has infused a new excitement to the classic outdoor cinematic experience.

“Every great invention eventually expires and needs new methodologies and ideas to reach new heights and make it popular once again” says   Superscope Media.

Through digital online innovations ,social media , updated branding and design,and new food menus the patrons have once again embraced this  Iconic, most treasured tradition. Superscope Media and Premier Theaters   where able to evolve an aging Dinosaur into a iconic and viable entertainment platform of the  21 century.

With the introduction of new innovations like Christie digital projection and completely automated online systems … the drive ins have grown from just a few nostalgic viewers to a new venue for old and young alike…the iconic Premier theatres of  The 5 Drive in Oakville , The Starlite Hamilton  , The Mustang in London , and the Sunset Barrie  The Stardust in Sharon  Ontario   all have been refurbsished and are operating at full capacity from start of the season to the late fall.

Getting to the great outdoors and catching the latest blockbuster under the stars is back in Fashion…  But again, only limited to only  a few lucky areas in the North American Landscape. Even the Honda Motor company of America decided this year to participate in the ongoing battle to save the iconic North American Drive in theater from fading to black…


It looks like the drive in is here to stay… and Superscope Media is proud to have been able to help over the past 14 years

Premier Theatres is the largest independent Canadian chain of drive-ins  theatres in Canada, and to say probably one of the most innovative Drive in Theater company  in the world. Premier has been providing quality entertainment since 1948 and operated more than  25 Drive ins in the early days but now has 4 locations and going strong

Superscope Media inc is a branding and innovation company located in Toronto Canada. Superscope Media, develops and fosters growth , transformation and resurgence in new and existing companies by providing innovative direction and solutions through proper consultation, communication and creative adaptation. For more information visit

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