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Did someone have the audacity to write “wash me, please” on your car? Your next stop had better be a car wash!

For children, going through a car wash is lots of fun: the high pressure jets bombard the car, the machinery talks to you, and there’s that weird feeling of getting a shower but staying dry. A car wash is definitely a popular place, but not just for children, of course. Car owners who want to take care of their investment are only too happy to cross off this job on their weekly to-do lists.

  1. À la carte services

Generally speaking, car wash services are à la carte. Here are a few worthy of note:

  • the elimination of dirt, salt deposits, and pollutants
  • UV protection for the vehicle
  • the application of a gleaming finish to windows, chrome, and paintwork
  • protection from rust
  • complete drying of the vehicle at the end of the wash
  1. Some important advantages

As well as the esthetic advantages of going through a car wash, the high pressure jets that are aimed at the vehicle dislodge any debris, which makes for a smoother drive. And don’t forget that dirt attracts moisture and keeps it in direct contact with the surface of the vehicle. Dirt also tends to become embedded in all the small imperfections of your car, such as those little and big scratches on the bodywork. By eliminating the dirt, you can prevent this moisture from causing unwelcome rust patches on your vehicle. It’s an important step in protecting your investment.

  1. Personalized service

Because automated, or self-serve, car washes are often busy, even in cold weather, some drivers prefer to entrust their cars to a team of professional car detailers, who clean the entire vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out. Either way, the idea is to avoid ending up with a car that smart alecks can draw their funny pictures on, in all the dirt and dust.

  1. Save time

Is your car filthy? Treating it to a car wash will save you some precious time. Drivers agree that it takes a lot more time to wash, scrub, rinse, and wax a car by hand than to have it cleaned in a car wash, where the whole procedure is over before you know it. In only a few minutes, you’ll be ready to take to the road, with a car that gleams like new.







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