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Howdy folks!

Winters seems like it might be late this year, or perhaps the warm weather just doesn’t feel like leaving! This is good news since it gives everyone a chance to go out and enjoy their favorite warm-weather activities all the longer this year. I say ‘warm’ since, for everyone who has been around for at least one Canadian winter, you’ll have to agree that this weather is excellent compared to the snow storms we’re all accustomed to by now.

We, at the Stardust, recognize this. Although the sun is setting earlier, and the winds have picked up a bit, and it feels like a big difference to the 45 degree summer we had; we still have a long way to go before winter! In reality the weather is still excellent, we just experienced one extreme summer heat directly before it!

So don’t be fooled folks, enjoy this great weather with your friends and family while you still can before the real winter kicks in. We at the drive in wish you, our loyal customers, the best and REMEMBER, we’re still playing brand new releases on the big screen!


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