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Some drive-ins have already opened and others will soon enough. We’re as eager as you to gather up our families/loved ones and go to the theaters but before we indulge ourselves with the newest releases under the stars, we can’t help but remember what a harsh Canadian winter we’ve overcome. From shoveling endless amounts of snow day after day to clearing rock hard ice off of just about everything, this has been a tough winter for everyone! Whether you enjoyed the colds by skiing, snowboarding and the likes or whether you huddled close with your family around a cozy fireplace; its safe to say that we’re all a little happy its finally over. The snow is melting, the cold howling winds are but a whisper and we’re eager to head out with a few less layers weighing us down.

This is one of the great things about being Canadian. You can look at your family, neighbors, and friends and know that they’ve gone through the same Canadian winter that you have.

All the drive-ins will be open before the start of April, and we look forward to having an excelling season with you all!


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