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In the first news of gossip, perhaps in a move to garner some extra free press, Quentin Tarantino recently appeared at a protest against the NYPD, who have rather unfortunately become famous in the past few years for brutality and killing innocent civilians, primarily black ones. The NYPD have decided to do a boycott of Tarantino’s films, including his upcoming release The Hateful Eight, due to come out Christmas Day. They have taken particular offence at Tarantino’s participation in this and his comments on the matter, as opposed to the nature of there being a protest against them anyway. It’s a rather stupid move, but it’s a free country (relatively speaking). Chuck Canterbury, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) issued a statement in which he stated that the police were utilizing the “only weapon” they had, which was to “to endeavour to reduce the movie’s revenue.” He even admits in the statement that it’s a stupid move, as the extra publicity will probably increase revenue. Clearly, the NYPD and FOP need to rethink their strategy, or perhaps stop harming innocent black civilians. Full statement can be found here:


In other news, Daniel Craig has been stating for a while that he has no intentions of returning to the Bond franchise. However, Michael G. Wilson, one of the longtime producers of the Bond series has recently stated that he believes Craig will return for at least one more film. Craig initially signed a four-film contract with for the Bond franchise, and having finished that with the recent release of Spectre, it seems likely we may be hearing about the casting of a new Bond in the years to come. Wilson is adamant however that they are currently undergoing talks with Craig to determine just how much money it will take for Craig. Perhaps we may be getting a new Bond, perhaps we Craig is going be paid a lot of money for a fifth Bond film.

craig looks like putin

Lastly, with about a month and a half until the release of what will certainly be the biggest film of the year, fans and regular people alike are excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And all of them are expressing a large amount of excitement over all the new footage seen in the release of the Japanese trailer. The trailer, just released yesterday, while shorter than the American one, contains a great deal of new footage, including a possible reference to some Solo/Skywalker lineage. The trailer can be found here:

star wars oh shit

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