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Leonardo DiCaprio’s face can break the internet twice, by itself

DiCaprio won the best actor prize for The Revenant, and won the inclusivity award by dedicating it to “all the first nation’s people represented in this film and all the indigenous communities around the world”. But he also won the evening outright with two beautifully expressive grimaces. The first came when Lady Gaga strutted past him to the stage. Some superb eyebrow work here.

The second later, explaining some sort of horror to fellow winner and former big screen squeeze, Kate Winslet.

If you can’t be there, don’t ask Quentin Tarantino to pick up your award

The Hateful Eight won for best score! Ennio Morricone couldn’t be there, being 143. So the film’s director – and, ahem, screenwriter – took to the stage and messed it up twice. First he confidently declared that this was the composer’s first ever awards win in the US, just after the announcer (correctly) told us it was his third Golden Globe win (he’s also bagged a few others). And then he said this:

But when I say favourite composer. I don’t mean movie composer, that’s ghetto. I’m talking about Mozart. I’m talking about Beethoven. I’m talking about Schubert.

Kate Winslet’s shock isn’t always mock

In Steve Jobs, Kate Winslet gives a performance of uncertain accent and wobbly focus. So when she says she was surprised to have beaten the likes of Jane Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Alicia Vikander and Helen Mirren to the supporting actress prize, for once, we believe her.

Others weren’t so convinced. “Please leave the “who me?!” humblebrags to Taylor Swift,” said Vulture.

Both supporting actor awards were actually unexpected: Stallone beating Paul Dano, Idris Elba, Mark Rylance and Michael Shannon could be seen as a triumph of rose-tinted nostalgia over clear-eyed criticism.

Jennifer Lawrence graduates from girl next door to mean girl

No awards ceremony is complete without at least one Buzzfeed-able piece ofJennifer Lawrence sass but while previous examples have only served to further endear the masses to her, the clumsy meme-maker made a spectacular misjudgment at the post-Globes press conference. The star, who won best actress in a musical or comedy for Joy, came off as a culturally insensitive mean girl after ticking off a foreign journalist for asking a question from his phone, referring to him as “bro”.

As many have commented, he was probably using it to ensure he spoke in the correct English. Her carefully cultivated “I’m just like you!” persona, replete with references of drunken behaviour and on-stage pratfalls morphed into that of an A-lister using her power to embarrass a mere minion. Not cool, bro.

If you’re facing death, alone, on a distant planet, it’s funny

The musical or comedy category has long been used, or rather abused, by studios trying to jimmy in their films that would otherwise risk a lack of nomination in the drama category (for example, 2013 saw Spike Jonze’s heartbreaking, vaguely amusing at times, drama Her sneak in). This year there was some online brouhaha after sci-fi survival tale The Martian was counted in the category and after winning best picture and best actor for Matt Damon, yet more eyebrows have been raised. Remember that bit when he questioned his own mortality while stranded on Mars? LOL! Director Ridley Scott wouldn’t address the category choice, Damon joked that it was a musical and with Jennifer Lawrence winning for Joy, a film which could also pass as drama, the wins left the year’s other actual comedies, from Trainwreck to Spy, empty-handed.

Blue is the hottest colour

The Globes are traditionally seen as a slightly drunker and more relaxed version of the Oscars and, this year, that looseness was felt more than ever with stars cursing their way through the rudest ceremony for years. NBC frantically used their time delay to ensure middle America remained in the dark but the swears were easy to decipher. Offenders included Amy Schumer (referring to her nickname as “cunt”), Ricky Gervais (asking Mel Gibson: “What the fuck does sugartits even mean?”) and Jonah Hill (making a Revenant bear joke, calling honey “fucking delicious”). This shit would never fly at the Oscars …

Ricky Gervais was the host with the most underwhelming jokes

Following Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is an unenviable task, even when it involves nabbing a high profile gig like presenting the Golden Globes. It seemed like a slightly odd choice to bring back Ricky Gervais, given his relatively low profile of late and long list of offendees from previous hosting gigs. His opening monologue included jokes about pay equality, Caitlyn Jenner, Jeffrey Tambor’s balls and the general pointlessness of the Globes but it somehow felt less biting than Fey and Poehler’s last year. Their likeable personas enabled the pair to sharply play with a wider set of stars but without pulling punches but somehow mitigating the offence. Gervais can however add Ben Affleck to the long list of stars who probably hate him after he joked that Matt Damon is “the only person” he hasn’t been unfaithful to. He’s reportedly been asked back next year, where we hope Affleck wins best actor for Batman v Superman.

HBO’s Official Golden Globe Awards After Party - Inside<br>BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 10: Actors Harrison Ford (L) and Ricky Gervais attend HBO’s Official Golden Globe Awards After Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

As a bonus, here’s a photo of Gervais and Harrison Ford having fun at the afterparty.

Fantastic, Mr Fox

Universal had a cracking year at the box office last year, but it’s Fox who are cleaning up this awards season – the studio own miracle mop biopic Joy (one award), The Revenant (four awards) and The Martian (two awards). The true mark of their success, though, was talent from rival movies pitching up to the party …

Oscar frontrunners may go lame

Todd Haynes arrives stoically.

There was no love last night for Carol (five nominations), The Big Short (four) and Spotlight (three). Instead, the big winners were The Martian (two wins – comedy or musical, actor) and The Revenant (three – film, drama, director). Few people think that Ridley Scott’s Mars movie can make it at the Oscars, but the wholescale snubs for a trio of films considered sure things at the Academy Awards will mean sleepless nights for many.


The stage was set for Sunday night’s ceremony to address the controversy that threatened to overtake last year’s Oscars: the almost total lack of recognition for anyone who wasn’t Caucasian. But it never happened. Stallone didn’t even thank his black director and star when he won best supporting actor for Creed.

Even when Denzel Washington picked up the most prestigious prize of the lot: the Cecil B DeMille lifetime achievement award, he didn’t mention it, just thanked three agents and said he’d forgotten his glasses.

Any nod was limited to some on-point gags about people mistaking female Latina actors for each other, courtesy of (we think) America Ferrera and Eva Longoria.

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