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As awards season marks the biggest film releases of the last year, here we take a look at what is hitting cinemas in 2016.

:: The Danish Girl – in cinemas now

Talk of BAFTA and Oscar nominations surrounds Eddie Redmayne once again as he plays Einar Wegener, who becomes Lili Elbe, one of the first known recipients of gender reassignment surgery.

Alicia Vikander plays his wife, who asks him to pose as a female figure for a portrait and then supports him as he goes through the pioneering surgery.

:: Dad’s Army – 5 February

The beloved war sitcom gets a big screen makeover as Sergeant Wilson, Captain Mainwaring and Privates Godfrey and Pike try to rout out a German spy hiding in Walmington-on-Sea.

It stars Bill Nighy, Toby Jones, Michael Gambon and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


:: Zoolander 2 – 12 February

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reunite as dim-witted male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald.

The sequel follows them as they struggle to cope with their age and the fact that they, and their Blue Steel looks, are no longer relevant in the fashion world.

The film features cameos from Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch and Kim Kardashian.


:: Hail, Caesar! – 26 February

The Coen brothers comedy stars George Clooney as famous actor Baird Whitlock who is kidnapped during filming for Hail, Caesar!

Hollywood “fixer” Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) must rescue him from his captors, a group called The Future.

:: Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice – 25 March

Ben Affleck’s Batman travels to Metropolis to fight Henry Cavill’s Superman, but will they have to team up to tackle a new danger?

Fans will also get their first glimpse of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot.

:: The Jungle Book – 15 April

Disney’s CGI spectacular features the voices of Scarlett Johansson (Kaa) and Bill Murray (Baloo)  along with Christopher Walken (King Louie) Ben Kingsley (Bagheera) and Idris Elba (Shere Khan).

It follows Mowgli as he leaves his jungle home and sets off on an adventure of self-discovery.

:: Captain America: Civil War – 29 April

Iron Man and Captain America go to war over regulation of the Avengers. Everyone is forced to choose sides as well as fight a brand new enemy.

Stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Olsen.

:: Warcraft – 3 June

Films based on video games do not traditionally set the box office alight but that could end with the highly anticipated Warcraft, directed by Duncan Jones.

Azeroth is on the brink of war as its human population faces the fearsome orc invaders who are fleeing their dying world and looking for a new home.


:: Ghostbusters – 15 July

This all-female reboot follows two authors, played by Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, who write a book suggesting ghosts are real.

The pair reunite years later when ghosts invade New York and form a team to fight them.


:: Star Trek Beyond – 22 July

The sequel to Star Trek Into Darkness follows the USS Enterprise crew who are stranded on a new planet after being attacked by aliens.

Captain James T Kirk (Chris Pine) must lead the team as they try to find their way off the planet and fight a new enemy.

:: The BFG – 22 July

Steven Spielberg’s live action version of Roald Dahl’s classic stars Mark Rylance as the Big Friendly Giant who joins forces with orphan Sophie (British newcomer Ruby Barnhill) to defeat the inhabitants of Giant Land who plan to eat all of England’s children.

:: Finding Dory – 29 July

She may have forgotten that she even starred in Finding Nemo, but Dory is back with her very own film.

The loveable blue tang, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres is joined by her friends Nemo and Marlin as she searches for answers about her past.

:: Suicide Squad – 5 August

This is based on the DC Comics series about an anti-hero team of imprisoned supervillains recruited by the US Government to carry out black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

The dark trailer gave a glimpse of Jared Leto’s depiction of the sinister Joker and fans see Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot.

:: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – 18 November

Eddie Redmayne plays magizoologist Newt Scamander in a story set in New York 70 years before Harry Potter’s story begins.

The film, written by JK Rowling, is inspired by the textbook of the same name given to pupils at Hogwarts school but there will be no sign of the teenage wizard.

:: Bridget Jones’ Baby – release date TBC

Twelve years after last starring as Bridget and her boyfriend Mark Darcy, Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth will reprise their roles for the third flick of the series.

Little is known about the plot although we can pretty confidently guess there’s a baby involved. And we know there’s a cameo from Ed Sheeran.

:: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – release date TBC

Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders are taking Patsy and Edina to the silver screen as the Champagne-swigging duo find themselves fleeing to the French Riviera after causing a major incident at a fashion party.

Star-studded cameos include Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Emma Bunton and Joan Collins.

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