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“Deadpool” is already off to a killer start at the foreign box office.

The very R-rated comic book adaptation has sliced up more than $14 million overseas after debuting in a handful of international markets beginning on Tuesday. That number will likely get higher as Thursday results continue to trickle in from around the globe. “Deadpool” will play in roughly 70 markets over the weekend.

It premieres domestically on Thursday and is expected to dominate the U.S. box office. Analysts project the film will earn north of $60 million over President’s Weekend.

Among the notable foreign results, “Deadpool” racked up $3.4 million in the United Kingdom, the fifth-highest grossing opening day for a Marvel film; made $2.1 million in Australia to take the top spot in the market; and generated $1.8 million in France, outpacing “X-Men: Days of Future Past’s” debut.

Ryan Reynolds stars in the film as the title character, a foul-mouthed mercenary whose powers include an accelerated healing ability. Twentieth Century Fox is backing the $58 million production. Tim Miller makes his directorial debut, while Morena Baccarin and Ed Skrein round out the cast.

Reviews have been sterling, with critics handing “Deadpool” an 81% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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