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Universal Pictures released three new clips of “Jason Bourne” this weekend, all clocking in at approximately 60 seconds. In one, Matt Damon can be seen as the titular character, deep in a Las Vegas car chase that has been hyped for some time now.


Another shows Bourne zipping through the streets on a motorcycle, picking up Julia Stiles’ Nicky Parsons. The last gives a glimpse at two new cast members, Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones as Heather Lee and Robert Dewey, respectively, as they engage in intense conversation with Bourne.

matt damon jason bourne

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“Alicia represents the way the world has changed,” Damon said of the new cast additions in a recent interview with Empire magazine. “The whole cyber element wasn’t there ten years ago. And Tommy Lee and Vincent Cassel make it feel like a new Bourne movie, but it’s definitely recognizable as a Bourne movie.”

Cassel is also joining the franchise as the villain, as is Riz Ahmed as a CIA cyber specialist, along with Vikander’s character. Stiles also recently spoke about her character, revealing to Yahoo Movies that Nicky gets “outside of the office” in the upcoming sequel.

“It was really interesting what I got to do in terms of where we find Nicky,” she said. “She’s become more rebellious and dangerous. It was nice to see her outside of the office!”

Paul Greengrass returns to direct “Jason Bourne,” which hits theaters on July 29. See all of the new clips below.

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