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The truism that the show must go on was underlined at Monday night’s premiere of Warner Bros.’ action-thriller “The Accountant,” as actor Ben Affleck watched the season end for his beloved Boston Red Sox while on the red carpet at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Affleck admitted he wasn’t surprised as the Sox were swept in three playoff games by the Cleveland Indians, putting an end to the career of David “Big Papi” Ortiz, who led the team to three World Series championships.

“Playoffs are all about which team gets hot, but it is disappointing,” Affleck mused. “It’s not the same kind of hopeless that it used to be with the Red Sox. And Papi is the most clutch hitter ever; he’s made me so happy.”

Affleck remained smiling throughout and was happy to gush about his castmates, director Gavin O’Connor and screenwriter Bill Dubuque for “The Accountant,” which opens Friday. Portraying a genius with autism presented him a massive challenge, he added.


“It was a lot of preparation and a lot of research because you have to research what the reality is,” Affleck asserted. “I love how many elements the story has. It’s not what you expect it to be. You’re dead if you don’t surprise the audience.”

He admitted he was most gratified over the reaction within the autism community: “I’m very proud of how smart the film is; to have the community being pleased by the movie makes me proud. You’re going to get your money’s worth.”

John Lithgow, who plays a robotics company exec, said, “This is my kind of smart movie with a great ensemble cast, the kind they don’t do much anymore.”

Cynthia Addai-Robinson, who portrays a Treasury Dept. investigator, said the presence of veteran actors like Lithgow and J.K. Simmons made “The Accountant” set seem surreal. “It’s my first major feature role so I had a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments. I didn’t take any of it for granted.”

O’Connor, whose credits include “Jane Got a Gun,” admitted that his motivation in making “The Accountant” was simple.

“I was trying to make a film that celebrates being different,” he said. “And I think the movie will make people think accountants have secret lives.”

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