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WHY WE CARE: We’ve seen the teaser trailer, which made Rogue One: A Star Wars Story look like an action-packed space caper. Then we saw the poster, which made it look like a future-skirmish at Hedonism II in the Bahamas. After that, we heard Darth Vader breathe when the official trailer arrived, and even suffered the indignity of contemplating what if Jar Jar Binks was at the center of this whole deal. Now, with the final trailer, it all comes together. (Well, all except the Jar Jar Binks part—that’s its own separate nightmare.) Here we have more of the meaty plot of this film—the rebellion recruits star Felicity Jones because her father had a hand in building the Death Star. Her father is Mads Mikkelson who has been on the cast list for a long time but whom we are just seeing in action now. Also, that tropical island ends up making a better warzone than that poster lets on, and when Darth Vader emerges, it’s cool as hell. All in all, what this trailer ensures is that December cannot come fast enough.





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